About Brandi

“Happiness is the experience of living every minute with love, grace and gratitude.”
~from a Dove Chocolate wrapper.

I am a mama from my earliest journey and since that potent initiation I have traversed terrain that has taken me through the dark and murky depths of soul. A process both terrifying and beautiful, it taught me the necessary and life changing magic of ceremony and sisterhood.

I began my life as a daughter of the ocean and now it is the mountains that I call home. I live on the land with my family growing a life that nurtures magic and creating relationships that nourish the Earth. We are stewards of this land and live to inspire and be inspired by living simply and loving deeply.

I am a weaver of story through ceremony and words~ and through fiber, roots and bones. I am a witch by birth~ that ultimate rite of passage preceded by spark and star dust. I embody the sacred and live my days in service through my children and the land.

I circle women and shine a light on their own knowing~ the knowing that takes root in the dark. I hold space for you to unravel and re-mend as you remember. I am a creatrix of ceremony for the passages of life that ask for honor, and am a Priestess in service to the Mother, in Her darkest shadow and brightest light.

I am here in the practice of gratitude and to nurture relationships that honor courage and vulnerability. I believe that the stories of women will heal the world.

Deep bows,