Blessing Ways

The first thing she notices is the smell. If heaven had a smell it would be this. The intoxicating scent of her favorite flowers. They cover the brightly lit room mingling ever so perfectly with the Indian spices. Her stomach, already full with baby, prepares to make space for her love affair with food.

The second thing to draw her attention is the laughter. Everyone is smiling and engaged and truly happy to be here in this space of celebration designed just for her. There is a mandala on the floor in the center of the room made of fruit and flowers. Several women still place a piece here and there adding to its beauty. She is led to a pile of luxurious cushions and helped to lower down to them, though she still rests higher up than the others. She thinks resting on a cloud must feel like this. Her feet are lifted onto two separate cushions each one being massaged with yet another lovely scent by two of her beloved sisters. A cup of steaming chamomile tea is set on a small table beside her, next to, oh my… are those truffles? Yes, she decides, this is most definitely heaven.

She’d decided in advance that she’d wanted her beautiful life filled belly painted with henna, so while her feet were still being tended to, she was helped to lie back slightly. Her sisters had practiced beforehand and set to work creating an artwork of prayers to bless mama and baby. All the while she could still tune in to the joy and laughter permeating the space. Those that were not with her at the moment were creating other pieces of art, gifts for the new baby. Words on stones, magnificent colors on prayer flags to hang during the birth. Soon they would create a birthing mala together. Each crystal bead passing through the hands of each woman to be tied on by the next. She thinks she may never before have felt such sacredness and honor.

Her henna is complete and the massage that started up her feet moved up her legs and then her arms and neck until she is now completely and utterly relaxed. There is light drumming in the background. They adjust her cushions and help her to sit once again. A crown of flowers is placed on her head and the mala around her neck. She smiles for a few photographs and feels like a Queen. The Mother Goddess.

It’s time for food and a tray is placed in front of her with a little bit of everything offered. They eat together and the women travel the circle telling tales of their pregnancies and births, only the best ones of course. There is pain, yes. She is not naive. But it is pain with purpose they say, and she feels prepared for the better now. Knowing she is a vessel of the utmost sacredness.

She rests there, while they busy around her, placing everything into her birthing box for her to take with her. The fruit and flowers of the mandala are collected and scattered with prayers outside as an offering for a safe and positive birth. She is ready. She is grateful for this gift.

The journey of Motherhood is life long. There is no real way to prepare for what lies ahead. The tools you need already exist. They live inside you. We don’t always now how to access them, but they are there. Waiting.

Birth is one of the passages into motherhood and one of the sacred blood mysteries of women. But it is not the only way. There are many paths to motherhood. No matter how we come to this sacred rite, that way should be honored through ceremony. Celebrated with ritual surrounded by loving community and wise council.

This is a Blessing Way.

A Blessing Way is not a baby shower and can occur many times, as we may cross the threshold of motherhood many times over. In fact, we should be honored with this ceremony every time we enter because each journey is different and brings new challenges and joys.

In cultures outside of our own, ceremonies similar to Blessing Ways are common among mothers and community as a whole.

Though birth is a sacred blood mystery of women, should you wish to have men present and involved in your Blessing Way ceremony that request will be honored.

Elements of a Blessing Way:

Setting sacred space and ritual honoring of the mother through ceremony. May include body painting, massage, feet washing, adornment, delectable treats, and more. Other aspects may include storytelling, prayers, altar building, heArt projects, *Blessing Way gifts, ceremonial tea and meal sharing.


blessing way the wild soulThe Blessing Way cost is set up to be divided among those attending as their gift to the mother. *Gifts presented to the mother during the ceremony are provided by The Wild Soul.

Minimum cost of a 3 hour ceremony is $200 plus $30 for each guest attending. Includes all craft and gift supplies, as well as tea and meals.

Gift Closing the Bones, post delivery, for an additional $150.

I am also happy to serve you as a guide in crafting your own ceremony.
Please contact me for more information.