In my experience, coming together in Circle creates an intimacy of trust and opens great possibility for magic to happen. Women have circled for thousands of years and it is time that we throw aside the lies of patriarchy that work to separate us and remember that we belong together. We need each other.
I have had the joy of participating in many different gatherings, and I’ve guided many extraordinary circles. A Circle is a container for magic. Allow me to welcome you into mine, or offer you inspiration to create your own. Currently I hold space for 3 Circle formats.

Moon Circles

moonWe are deeply and intuitively connected to the cycles of the moon, whether we are consciously aware of it or not.

Have you ever noticed a need to turn inward when the moon is dark? A quiet contemplation filling your being? A call to surrender to your shadow self? Does the brightness of the full moon’s light shining out from the darkness stimulate all of your senses? Do you feel charged or wound up and ready to dance? Or perhaps the energy is so much you want to take cover and hide? We have the term “lunacy” for a reason… Discover the magic and mystery of the moon and her interplay with our mind, body and spirit. Learn to tap into her rhythms and use them as valuable lessons and guiding forces in your life. Become more aware of your own bodies currents and the ebb and flow of emotions as you open to the map within this shining reflector in the sky. As women, we gather to celebrate the moon tide within. We dance. We pray. We share. We make art. We love.

Each Circle moves organically into its own creation. There are no two alike. We will discuss her energies in her current phase and astrological position. We delight in how those energies can influence us and how we may use them to aid us in our lives and magic. But mostly, we gather to celebrate being alive.

The Wild Soul Moon Circles are open to the local community. If you are in the Delta County area and wish to join us, send me an email at and I will let you know of our next event. Should you wish to begin your own Moon Circle with your own community of women, please set up a Guidance session with me through the same email.

 Sister Circles

SF craftDo you crave ritual and/or ceremony with your community of women, but aren’t quite sure how to begin? I would be honored to guide you. Let’s have a cup of tea, and I’d love to hear what is in your heart. Allow me to help you shape the Circle that will best serve you all. We will discuss the importance of holding space and sharing leadership. I will support you in finding your place and creating the container for the purpose you seek.

Are you craving Sisterhood but don’t currently have a community of women to support that?

Join us in Spirit Flow.

“Spirit Flow is an opening and deepening, creating and gathering, soul igniting journey. A gathering of sisters creating a sisterhood like the ones written of in fables and ancient lore. It is divine magic, blissful healing, expanding into you–into every last piece of your essence awakened, loved, cared for, and nourished.”
~Jessica A.


Interested in bringing a Spirit Flow Circle to your town?
Email me at for more information.

Story Circle

Sometimes we just need to be heard. Sometimes we just want to sit in silence and listen and know that we are not alone. We don’t need to be fussed over. We don’t need a round table discussion. We just want to speak. We want to feel supported and held. Story Circle is, in my opinion, the most sacred and intimate of all of our circles. We open ourselves up to raw vulnerability and expose our true courage. It is a time of no time where we as women truly see one another.

We begin with yoga, to sink deep down into our bodies. We make a cup of tea. We set sacred space with ceremony. We talk. And we listen. This is all. And this is everything.

Spirit Flow Celebrate

Story Circles are by invite only. By participating in other offerings presented by The Wild Soul, or by recommendation from another member, you may request invitation. The reason for this is to create personal intimacy and trust between the participants at all times. Should you wish to begin your own Story Circle with your own community of women, please see the Guidance Session information below.


The Wild Soul Personal CouncilListening is a heArt form, and a gift I feel very blessed to hold and nurture. Allow me to hold space for your heart. What do you need? What is calling to you? Is there something weighing heavy that you just need to lighten? I will create a safe and sacred space for your unraveling. And then together, we will smooth the silky line so you can follow the thread home.

Let me be your sounding board. Let us add sacred dialogue and discover your lighthouse. Are you feeling lost? Alone? Confused or just unsure? Do you seek a more intimate connection with an open heart? The path is there. Let’s remember together.

Allow me to share my tools. Perhaps private sessions of yoga, meditation, divination, or soulful conversation? Let us meet and connect over tea or coffee. This can be in person at a place that calls you (if you’re local to the North Fork Valley), or through Skype in your living room and my own. We can meet for one session or multiple, opening pathways for your soul to discover connection to Source, in anyway that calls you home.

I am also available to serve as a guide for any ceremony or ritual you are planning. I can inspire you with thoughts, ideas and other creative points to move you forward.

If you would like more information and investment options with the different elements of Guidance Sessions, please send me an email at

Deep Love and Flowing Gratitude.

Aho, Beloveds.