You’ve been traveling. You’ve felt called. You are walking your Beauty Way. Still, you are seeking.

Spirit Flow draws you deeper within your own Path, while opening the doors to Sisterhood. A Sisterhood that goes beyond anything you’ve ever known. You belong.

Spirit Flow Women’s Retreat is our opportunity to connect and nurture one another through a week long immersion into the Sacred. Guided by similar waves as the Spirit Flow program but in a more intensified and retreat like setting, we come together to rest and recharge. (Info coming soon.)

I, Priestess is a journey toward Leadership. Immerse yourself in the Labyrinth of the Wisdom Way. Learn to hold space and to guide. Discover the Priestess that you are.

The Living Goddess Series is an in-depth look into individual Goddess lore and Archetype in your life. These mini-retreat-like immersions allow you to explore the Goddess within and without, while tapping into your creative and wild spirit.

The Wild Soul is a Virtual Immersion into the discovery of the Sacred in your everyday life.