The Living Goddess Series

Living Goddess 3

This Series takes you on a journey of exploration into self and the embodied qualities of Goddess. Each month we will devote to learning the history and folklore of that particular Goddess. We will meet in person for a 5 hour long session to celebrate and explore aspects of her teaching, her wisdom, and her lore, and how to apply it in our daily lives. We will practice yoga and/or body movement in relation to our particular Goddess theme. We will craft with sacred objects; each month giving us a piece of the series as a whole. We will dance, chant, drum and meditate as we discover we are She that we seek and a community of mirrors for endless wisdom.

Living Goddess 2

The series is divided into the waxing and waning time of the year, each encompassing 6 Goddesses as appropriate to their season. You may sign up for a full consecutive 6 month series or pick and choose 6 Goddess throughout the year that resonate with you.

Living Goddess 1

In between our physical time together we will continue the series with ideas and inspiration as well as community support though a private FB group. Only those involved in the course will be invited to the group to preserve the sacred connections established through the exploration process.


I look forward to spending luscious time together, Goddesses!

Financial investment:

Each Series is offered at a one time payment of $600. A monthly auto withdrawal is offered at $110/mo for those seeking payment plans.

Sign up for the entire 12 month program for $999, a $201 savings!

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