The Wild Soul

A Self-Guided Journey through the Rhythm of the Year.


We are rhythmic beings. Our waters and our mysteries run deep. Every morning the sun rises. Every evening it sets. Every. Single. Day. The sun shines as Rhythm Keeper. Serving as a guide and ally to daily living, whether acknowledged or not. He moves across the sky not only as a messenger of daybreak, but a harbinger of seasonal awareness. The passage of time through the yearly cycle can be marked by the sun’s place in the great dance of life.

ceremonyLikewise, the moon, his sister, consort, partner in magic and life, and an ever loving symbol of the Great Mother and Goddess, is her own timekeeper. Growing from dark to full to dark again, she never ceases to show up for us. She is our monthly guide and our inner shadow. She is our Soul Teacher.

The moon, the sun and the earth are our 3 great wisdom teachers. They show us rhythm in its beautiful simplicity just by showing up everyday.

Now the key: If we remember that our rhythm is connected to theirs~ the earth the moon the sun all one~ we will remember everything. We are sacred. We are walking magic and we walk through our lives aware and present with peace, gratitude and joy. Yes there will be struggle~ in whatever shape or form. But we will be better equipped to deal with it. With grace.

They Rhythm Path is just that. A pathway to discovering the sacred rhythm in everyday moments. It is an active practice to remembering your connectedness and learning to live a life with presence. I offer you the path and the tools. How you choose to travel is up to you.

The Wild Soul and its rhythm path encompasses the full wheel of the year.
13 moons. It is a journey of living in rhythm within and without.
Throughout the year you will have the opportunity to:

The Rhythm Path text

Each month you will receive a comprehensive PDF packet broken down into an easy to use daily workbook format. This daily guide will include the monthly theme, journal prompts, instructions and video links for our monthly heArt and soul project, the moon phase by day and astrological associations, ritual suggestions, a video link for our yoga practice, information of festivals and holy days, the goddess guide, recommended reading and other inspiration to fill you up. You will also receive an introductory packet upon registration offering helpful details about navigation, projects and insights to get you started, and suggestions to help you get the most from your Wild Soul experience.

We are consumed on a daily basis with blue screens of our phones, computers, e-readers, etc. Even with this course there is the opportunity to connect virtually and share the experience with others. There is no short of time online. That is why I decided to present the bulk of the program in a downloadable format, so that should you choose, you may print out the packet and have something tangible to feel between your fingers and read in the light of the morning sun. No need to check your email everyday. The only connection required the majority of the time is the one between your heart and Mother Earth.

If this seems like a lot and feels overwhelming, do not fret. This course is designed to ease rhythm and the sacred gently into your life. I am a mother of 3, a full time entrepreneur AND wife AND householder. I understand life and its busyness and the seemingly 24 hour days that are so full they are gone before you’ve remembered you were supposed to eat. I’ve been there. I am STILL there. Often. I created this program to heal myself, and therefore to bring that healing to others. And whether you are a parent, a student, a single career woman or a gypsy vagabond, this program has something to offer your Spirit and I am confident will bring wild simplicity and fierce grace back to your Soul.

The beauty is in the freedom. You can participate in all that is offered or pick and choose what feels right, right now. You may sign up at any point during the Cycle. You may return anytime. Once you’re in, you’re in as long as you want to be. This is a lifetime membership.

I offer 2 Investment Options:

1.) A one time payment for the entire year of $720.00 (around $2 a day) *save $180 with option #1.

2.) A committed recurring monthly payment of $75.00 for a 12 month cycle. (around $2.50 a day)

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