Spirit Flow is a Circle built over time and magic. We combine yoga, journaling, storytelling, ritual, and potent ceremony, growing together as women and building friendships and sisterhood to last a lifetime. For more detailed information, please follow the icon to the left.



Witch is an online companionship, flowing through the seasons and the monthly cycle of moon days to bring an intentional sacredness to our everyday moments. With weekly guidance and creative prompts, we are inspired and encouraged to find our own magic in our own unique way. What does sacred living feel like to you? Over the course of 13 moons, we will create a grimoire, or book of magic that we can reference throughout our year, refer back to in times of need, and pass along to our loved ones. We will meet once a month in a virtual Circle through Zoom, to connect and share, and to ask questions or seek guidance as needed.

Tarot readings are offered via email in a recorded format for you to refer to time and again. Allow me to lend insight through the wisdom of Tarot.
Insight Mapping is a Divinitory Explorative into the YOU that is you, utilizing the wisdom of tarot, numerology and lunar astrology.