The WIld Soul Find Your PathPerhaps you’re not quite sure where to start. You know you’re being called, but where to… Here are some ideas of where to begin. Visit each page for more detailed information on each.

Yoga is the perfect medium to bring you back to Self. Through yoga we can experience embodied movement and begin to practice mindfulness and meditation. Developing a yoga practice can often be the catalyst that your soul is searching for.

are containers for magic. I currently hold space for 3 sacred circles, by invite and special request only.
These are:
Moon circles where we learn and live by the light and shadow of her face,
Sister Circles, where you can find guidance to begin your own tradition, and
Story Circles, the most intimate of them all where we are held in the bonds of ultimate trust and are able to release deep wisdom, love, and joy, but also heartache, grief and pain.

Personal Council is about your journey and your personal path to get there. It is working one on one with me in a relationship built on understanding and trust.

Deepening is a series of specific workshops and retreats to take you there. Deeper. Unless otherwise noted, these are offered annually. Visit this page for more detailed information about each: Spirit Flow, I, Priestess, The Living Goddess Series, and The Wild Soul.