My most beloved teacher, Angela Farmer, when asked in an interview why she went on to practice yoga, said this,

” I wanted to pray with all my body.”

Image: Charlotte Lyons Art: Valentina Kai

This is how I feel when I practice yoga.

Similarly, during a rather intense and joyous practice with Shiva Rea (in my experience all yoga with Shiva is intense and joyous), I came through a meditation with this mantra, “My body is my prayer. Everything I do is sacred.”

This is my yoga. And this is what I bring to my teaching. When I come to my mat, I come to the Sacred. The Earth beneath me. The Space around and above me. The Fire within me. The Water running through my body. The Air that I breathe. It is all connected. I am all that is.

Through practicing movement through Asana with these elements in mind and connecting deeply and mindfully through breath, I feel we can reconnect to Source, to Spirit, and to our own bodies as the sacred temple that they are.

I am available for private and group sessions. Please contact me if you feel you are seeking what I have to offer. I am also very familiar with teachers and studios in my community and can guide you to someone unique to fit your needs. Feel free to ask.

Blessings on your Path.

one rhythm yoga


(may be split by up to 5 people)