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a 3 year journey
fall 2020

We begin on the Land.

After a week long deep dive into both ceremony and sisterhood, where we begin to gather our tools and revitalize our connection with the cycles of sun and moon,

we part…

carrying our medicine home to our own daily rhythms, where we dedicate ourselves


to the Path of Priestess.

Each new moon we will journey for the Vision Seeds. These are the seeds that will nurture and grow our personal way forward. With clear direction honed by the dreams of our unique intentions, we will cycle through rhythms and rituals surrounding our hallowed container and the intimate way we walk our magic. Twice a moon, on the wax and wane, we will meet one on one via Zoom for a live Circle Session for ceremony and guidance~ touching in on your Vision Seeds  and unraveling any tangles in your personal web to be thoughtfully rewoven into the vessel that holds this work steady and sacred.

Each year begins on the Land, where we dive deep into ceremony and craft sacred tools to take us through the year ahead.

This is not a Mystery School.
You are the Mystery School.

This is a 3 year devotional journey for those seeking to dedicate their lives to the Path of Priestess.

Where this road ends, is yours to decide. But take note, this journey will change you.

Images by Ashley Hallmark. Copyright Gathered and Found. All Rights Reserved.

Year One :: RETURNING :: Making space and lighting the fires

Year Two :: REMEMBERING :: Holding space and tending the flames

Year Three :: WALKING THE WAYS :: Taking up space and carrying the torch

What are the medicine stories?
What are the prayer songs?
What are the mysteries, waiting to be sung through you?

Priestess will begin Fall 2020 and will welcome 6 women to this 3 year journey of devotion.
Are you one of them?

More details to come…

Feel Priestess is for you? Sign up here to put your name on the waitlist or email me at brandiwoolf(at)gmail(dot)com.



*images by Ashley Hallmark, copyright Gathered and Found.