Spirit Flow

“Unfurl the bandages. Ready the medicine.”
~Clarissa Pinkola Estés
Spirit Flow is a Sacred Container
A cauldron of stories, magic and sisterhood.
It is a space to unravel and re~wild.

In Spirit Flow, we re~member.
{{{ body * mind * heart * spirit }}}
We live into our bones
and listen to the songs of the soul.

Spirit Flow Celebrate
In Spirit Flow we witness our stories through the hearts of others.
We speak our truths and unfold with beautiful vulnerability in perfect timing.

{In this cauldron of creation there is an essence of love brewing.}
A support of sisters, soul mirrors…
A community of women that you never knew you always needed.
{Sisterhood as a side-effect of your own magnificent Becoming}

In Spirit Flow we fall in love with ourselves through the eyes of other women.
We begin to see. We begin to show up.

“Bone by bone, hair by hair. Wild Woman comes back.
~Clarissa Pinkola Estés

into the woods

Courage is welcome. Vulnerability is necessary.

“Spirit Flow arose from my desire to connect ritual and yoga, and has since evolved into a sacred rite of passage of the wild soul. It is a coming together of voices and hearts. It is seeing who you are. Shadow and Light. It is learning to navigate the waters of life, until they become clear again. It is loving acceptance. It is a witnessing of your own unique expression and experience, and a direct participation in the mystery.
All through the wondrous mirror of sisterhood.

It is discovering what you never knew you always needed.”


*An Embodied Practice for Women*

Tap into the wisdom of your soul voice. Connect to your body as the body of the Divine. Hold hands with your sisters as you dive deep into the sacred feminine. You know the way. You’ve been there before.
Join us on this Journey.
Join us in this Remembering Time.


In 3 beautiful and immersive weekends, we dive deep into the layers of SELF, inside and out.
{This is deep soul work and is not to be taken lightly.}

We open pathways for ceremony, creating safe spaces to unfold layer upon layer.
We explore the practice of ritual as sacred comfort food for the soul.
We develop relationship with our bodies through self care and self love exploration, and utilize the practice of gentle and intuitive yoga flows to free up stuck space and stagnant energy. We learn how to harness that energy and activate it where it serves us best.
We live into the rhythms of the moon and the seasonal energies, meeting them where we are and learning the practice of witnessing her cycles as our own.

To reserve your space or inquire further: {brandiwoolf@gmail.com}

Spirit Flow Hands

Holding Circle and Ceremony, we will tap into the wisdom of the Moon and our hearts. We will move into sacred space intuitively by listening to our soul voice and the heartbeat of our sisters. Using practices of Guided and Intuitive Yoga Asana we will prepare our body, heart, mind and spirit to seek the stillness. We are diving into deep soul work of the knowing, wise woman and the exploration of the divine feminine. We are unearthing seeds and planting anew. We are growing light. We are honoring dark. We are remembering.

We will celebrate with Ritual and create Magic, individually and as a community of women.
We are coming together to honor that which we have always known:

We are Sacred. We are Walking Magic.

In this Journey we will explore:
A 3-5 hour Soul Gathering and Sadhana each Session (8 total), to include:
gentle yoga
ritual and ceremony
group work, story and council sessions
creative heART and soul practice
sacred teatime and food nourishment
Dedicated journaling for your work in Spirit Flow,
as well as weekly altar offerings and supportive practices for the in-between spaces.
4 mid-week LIVE (virtual) group check-ins
to offer insight with moon guidance, astrological discussion and ritual suggestions, as well as to answer your questions in real time and to offer additional support that may be coming up for you in your process.
2 thirty minute one-on-one Skype sessions
to serve you throughout the journey. These may be utilized before, during, or after our time together in Spirit Flow and you are open to schedule your time with me when you feel you would most benefit from the support.
A private Facebook group for connection and support for the in-between spaces.
This is a space to continue the growing community and to nurture one another through the sharing of experience, the offering of feedback if requested, and to inspire one another through our own unique journey.

I have looked into mediums other than Facebook, hoping for a forum that would allow the same convenient connections and ease of access, but have come up empty. If you choose not to join us in the FB group, you will still gain full nourishment from the Spirit Flow experience. However, I do recommend joining (even if just for the duration of our time together) as there is an added essence of support and connection that complements the journey beautifully.

 Additional explorations:

Chakras * Crystals * Guided Meditation * The Divine Feminine * Dream Work * The Wild Woman * Storytelling * The Elements * Manifestation * Mudras * Community * The Earth as Mother * Sacred Sound & Mantra * Myth & Archetype * Mysticism * Magic * Vibration * Visualization

This is a potent time of Remembering. Each session will bring you deeper into your own Divine Self.

There will be weekly inspirational projects to do as you are called. While these are by no means required,
they are recommended for the full experience and to nurture your wild self.

Come, Wild Souls.


 Join us in the Journey

Spirit Flow * 2018 Dates
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Email brandiwoolf@gmail.com to reserve your spot.


Payment Plans are available upon request.


Cash, check and credit cards are welcome.
Your First Payment (also serves as a non-refundable deposit) will be required with Registration to reserve your spot.
Payment/Registration information will be sent with your **Application email.

{{Ready to jump in? Have further questions? Please send all inquires to brandiwoolf@gmail.com}}

Registration closes 2 weeks prior to first session!

**Spirit Flow is both an individual journey and a collective one. To hold sacred space for one, I must hold and protect the space for all. In order to do so, an application process is required. If you feel called to participate in this journey, your space is (most) always guaranteed, however I reserve the right to limit participation to those I feel would most benefit, respect and protect the group as a whole.

Although this is very much a pathway into your individual journey, it also lends naturally to the reclamation of Sisterhood. You will be in the midst of women surrendering to their passions and vulnerabilities, being a witness for each others struggles, celebrating one anothers joys. Still, you may choose to experience this process alone, for alone is not lonely and you will find a beautiful fulfillment of your journey. Should you choose to allow your heart to open to others, this experience may very well have an impact on life as you know it. Trust me, Wild Love: One that you never knew you were always waiting for.

{{Click here to read what others are saying about their experience.}}

Spirit Flow is a journey and I serve as your humble guide, leading you to the hidden places of your Labyrinth.

Courage is welcome. Vulnerability is necessary.

the pathway of becoming
Location: TBA

**Please note: Weather in Colorado can be sporadic. Should a class be cancelled because of inclement weather conditions, we will do our best to reschedule asap. I reserve the right to make this decision on what I feel best serves the whole.

To inquire about our next Spirit Flow Sessions or to request an application, please email: brandiwoolf@gmail.


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