I have been swimming in the depths of Tarot and Oracle as guidance for over 24 years. It is a form of exploration and discovery that can lend us insight when we are at a standstill, offer us inspiration for dreaming up the future and much more. Allow me to translate for you the wisdom of Tarot. I offer a variety of options, from a simple 3 card spread for exploring a single question to larger and more in depth layouts that can express well rounded direction or insight. After an initial conversation via email into your needs, I will choose the spread that is right for you. Your reading will be delivered via recording to your email, along with a beautiful image of your spread. An optional 30 minute follow up conversation is included with the 45-60 minute readings, should you seek further guidance.

20 minute reading (recommended for simple inquiries)

45-60 minute reading (for more in depth exploration)

To book your reading, send an inquiry to brandiwoolf@gmail.com, or kindly fill out the form below.

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