Tarot Reading
I am a storyteller and through Tarot as my medium, full embodied integration is my way. With Tarot, I tap into the divine wisdom and translate it through conversations that are being offered by fully dialoguing with the messages received. Because of this channeled wisdom, all readings come through in their own unique expression and therefore vary in each situation. Rather than offering you an on the spot Live Reading, I prefer to relate the transmission to you through recorded correspondence. This gives me time to truly dive deep and meditate on what is being received, and conveys the messages to you in a way that offers maximum integration. I believe this offers you more insight into your inquiry and makes your investment worth the cost.

I have been swimming in the depths of Tarot and Oracle as guidance for over 24 years. It is a form of exploration and discovery that can lend us insight when we are at a standstill, offer us inspiration for dreaming up the future and much more. Allow me to translate for you the wisdom of Tarot. I offer a variety of options, from a simple 3 card spread for exploring a single question to larger and more in depth layouts that can express well rounded direction or insight. After an initial conversation via email into your needs, I will choose the spread that is right for you. Your reading will be delivered via recording to your email so that you can revisit it as often as you like, along with an image of your spread. An optional 30 minute follow up conversation is included with the 45-60 minute readings, should you seek further guidance.

20 minute reading (recommended for simple inquiries)

45-60 minute reading (for more in depth exploration)

The 13 Moon Spread
With this detailed insight into your year ahead, you will receive a monthly audio conversation delivered to your email for each card pulled, from my book: Conversations with the Tarot, as well as a check-in with me for each moon, to fully integrate your card for each cycle and maximize its potency and expression in your life.

Looking for a different experience with Tarot in your life? Do you love the concept of receiving the wisdom of Tarot through monthly story spreads with soul inquiries and art prompts? Please check out my dear friend, Jessica and her Monthly Tarot Story Circles. These are one-of-a-kind experiences and not to be missed! The Story Medicine

Insight Mapping
A divinitory explorative into the you that is you, through the wisdom of tarot, numerology and lunar astrology.

This is not a tarot reading. While a tarot reading can offer you guidance and insight towards a particular situation, where/how to steer your ship per say~ Insight Mapping is the skeleton on which that ship is built upon. It is the bones gathered from the stardust that shaped them. It is INSPIRITED insight into the ALL of you.

Insight Mapping is designed to be a deeper look~ the Sacred Well in which you give and receive your magic; a meditation of self that can lead to greater awareness, care and love of the you that is you.

What you will receive:
· a natal astrology chart w/ breakdown of signs, symbols and houses
· your numerological map, based on your name (given/chosen) and your birth in time
· your personal natal lunar phase
· your tarot archetypes for birth and life path
· a personal meditation/visualization to bring them all together
· personal daily affirmations
· how to apply these insights into other divinatory readings, horoscopes and daily life and musings
· a follow up call for questions, further guidance and deeper understanding

Investment: $400

Coming Soon:
Conversations with the Tarot, the book
A meditative dialogue with the Major Arcana.

To book your Reading or Insight Mapping, send an inquiry to brandiwoolf@gmail.com and I will send you a link for payment, or kindly fill out the form below.

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