An Inspirational Journey in Living Your Craft

This is for me.
This is for you.
To live a life steeped in magic both simple and sacred, practical and profane; embodying the rhythms of your life~ the life of a Witch.

It’s easy to get swept up in the daily grind. We are humans DOING. Too easy we forget the sacred acts of humans BEING. So what is Witch? It’s a Remembering. An Honoring. It’s my offering to walk with you~ daily, weekly, monthly reminders to live a sacred life.

I am a Witch of the wild kind. I am also a mother, a wife and a householder with bills to pay and mouths to feed. Remembering {and staying awake} does not always come easily~ so I offer you tools and practices; ways that have helped me to live a life inspired, a life of honoring, drenched in knowing that every step I take, every move and every decision I make~ can be holy.

Reclaiming the Witch is BIG. It’s Bold. It’s an act of deep trust~
and an honor and respect for those that could not claim it.

Make of your life an Altar of honoring. Walk in reverence for your holy breath. Pick up the pieces that were left for us and put them back together again.

Come. Remember with me as we traverse the wheel and navigate the terrain of what it means to each of us to live an embodied life as Witch. This is a mentorship in the sense that I will be there for guidance and inspiration should you need it. But more than anything, this is a companionship~ a path of love and support that we walk together. I will hold space for you, witness and nurture your vision and if you so desire, hold you accountable through your own processes of honing and living your craft.

Witch is an online companionship, flowing through the seasons and the monthly cycle of moon days to bring an intentional sacredness to our everyday moments. With weekly guidance and creative prompts, we are inspired and encouraged to find our own magic in our own unique way. What does sacred living feel like to you? Over the course of 13 moons, we will create a grimoire, or book of magic that we can reference throughout our year, refer back to in times of need, and pass along to our loved ones. We will meet once a month in a virtual Circle through Zoom, to connect and share, and to ask questions or seek guidance as needed.

The Breakdown:
13 months of full blown inspiration and support to dive deep into living your Craft and your beautiful version of the living Witch~ coming to you by way of emails, pdfs, inspirational videos, one on one seasonal check-ins, live group Zoom calls and more.

The Breakthrough:
Through intentional living and dedicated devotion to nurturing our sacred life on the daily, we become our intention. A Witch Walking Magic. We stop Doing and start Being.

We begin November 7th~ New moon in Scorpio and Lunar Samhain for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere. Moving deep into the dark season, we will spend the first moon uncovering the bones. After an initial hour long, one on one Skype call to dream into your vision and dig up your desires, you will receive your first round of inspiration to begin tapping into your inner song and the devotion practices that call you. You will begin your Book. You will inquire, dream, discover, listen, and become curious. You will choose your allies, plant and mineral, animal and spirit~ to work with through the next 12 months. You will begin to see, feel and experience through sensual exploration.

In the moons to follow, you will receive content to keep you inspired in the moment and motivated to grow. Each new moon, I will offer deep soul inquiry and optional study material, meditations, seasonally guided yoga practice, creative heArt & soul projects, book prompts and more to initiate curiosity and an invitation to dive into your own beautiful, self expressed witchcraft. On the full moons we will gather virtually via the Zoom platform to share, inspire, laugh and learn through the magic of each other.

This is for the Witches who:
·want to fill their days with more ceremony and ritual, practical magic and live a more intentional/sacred life
·would love support and accountability to walk the magic they feel on the daily
·feel stuck/stagnant in mind, body, and spirit and are looking for motivation and inspiration to stir up their magic cauldron
·are seeking connection with other wildhearts on the path
·like to-do lists and to map things out to stay on path/don’t like to-do lists and want to be supported in their spirally, winding ways
·want to learn and explore and remember this deep connection to themselves and their walk in this life and are up to discovering new tools such as yoga, meditation, and creative art expression to uncover their witch ways
·love the idea of creating a year long Book of Remembering through journaling, art, tracking the seasons and cycles and more
·want to find ways to include their loved ones and develop rhythms and traditions that are meaningful
·don’t have a support system and want to be seen and held through this work~ which is love~ which is life
·want a nourishing online experience, but with minimal “screen” time
·are excited to devote 13 months to and through this journey of magic
This is for you.

Registration is now closed for this season of WITCH. To get on the list for Fall 2019, please sign up here.

Investment/Payment Plans for Witch:
•First payment: $165
(Please reach out if you need assistance w/ this first payment. If you want this, we can figure it out.)
{This initial payment serves as your space holder, registration and full (first moon) introductory month which includes our hour long Skype consult, all introductory videos, emails, pdfs, and unlimited email support}

•Each month for the following 12 months
(**please click the image below and read the article to better understand which Tier to choose):
Tier 1: $45
Tier 2: $60
Tier 3: $75

After making your initial Investment, you will be redirected to schedule your Tiered Payments beginning on December 1, 2018. **Please see the information below before choosing your plan.

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•Investment/Full one-time payment for Witch:

$600 {best opportunity~ waives start up month even at first Tier level}
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**I truly believe that when we heal ourselves and live our most sacred potential, that life creates a ripple effect that creates magic and raises vibrations in those around us. I’m working with a Sliding Scale this year because I feel deeply passionate about this Companionship Program being available to everyone that needs it. For more information about the Sliding Scale and to determine which Tier you should choose, please read this deeply thoughtful article by Alexis from Worts and Cunning Apothecary. Her understanding of class and compassionate wisdom is extraordinary:
Read the article here –>http://www.wortsandcunning.com/blog/sliding-scale

Image from Worts and Cunning, please click on the image to read and learn more about the Sliding Scale.

About your Guide:

Brandi Woolf has been living her life as Witch for almost 3 decades. She is the mother of three daughters and the partner of a magic man. She is a writer (oftentimes only in her head), a student and teacher of yoga, and a space holder for women. A creatrix of ceremony and sisterhood, she is devoted to the path of Priestess and lives to inspire and be inspired. She believes that courage and vulnerability are necessary and that the stories of women can heal the world. She wants to dance more, have more hope and less doubt, and is a devoted lover of the moon and chocolate cake.

For a deeper look into the medicine that shaped me, go here.


Registration begins September 22 at Autumn Equinox and closes October 30th.

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